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Your turnkey IFTA reports

A team of specialists at your service

Our turnkey IFTA reporting service assures that your reports comply with current regulations, are accurate and always sent to your local office on time. Each quarter, our team compiles your data, validates the accuracy of the mileage traveled, corrects odometer deviations if necessary, performs quality control to ensure compliance and sends your reports to your local office.

At Fuel Tax System, we've been producing IFTA reports for over 25 years. Our knowledge of the IFTA agreement combined with our cutting-edge technological solutions allow us to produce all your reports optimally and quickly. We also produce your distance reports for US states that require separate reports (New York, Oregon, Kentucky and New Mexico) as well as your fuel charge reports (carbon tax).

IFTA turnkey solution is for who?

For all road transportation companies that make inter-territorial trips! Whether you have 5 trucks or 2,000 trucks, we can produce your fuel tax reports with the same thoroughness and quality. Several large truck fleets trust Fuel Tax System. Calling on our team allows you to benefit from remarkable know-how while having much more time for you and your business.


Benefit from our expertise

Turnkey production of your reports saves you many headaches. You can say goodbye to hours spent compiling data and looking for virtually unobtainable errors! Now dedicate those hours to tasks that are more important and more profitable for the growth of your business.


Choosing our service has many advantages

Superior quality

Our team assures you a high quality IFTA reporting, including precise mileage data. We also treat your toll and fuel data with great care. Your reports are always delivered on time.


During the past 25 years, we have acquired all the knowledge necessary to produce compliant reports. By combining these with the use of the best technologies, we offer you an exceptional turnkey service.

Customer service

Our reliability and speed ensure unparalleled customer service. Our team is always available to answer your questions. Happy customers are our priority!

Choosing our turnkey service to produce your IFTA reports is choosing a well-deserved peace of mind.



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