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Distance report for the State of New York (NY HUT)

Fuel Tax System has all the functionality required to produce the HUT tax report on the distance traveled in the State of New York (Highway Use Tax). Using the data input for your IFTA reports, Fuel Tax System prepares your declaration for the state of New York in full compliance and without problems. You print it, you sign it and it's done!

What is the NY HUT?

The NY HUT or "New York Highway use tax" is a tax levied by the State of New York for miles traveled in its territory. Two conditions apply: if the weight of your vehicle exceeds 18,000 lbs and you drive on New York State roads, you must file a tax return on a quarterly basis and pay the amounts due.

Obtaining a permit is mandatory. Your permit number is also required to prepare your return in the Fuel Tax System.

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