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Fuel Tax SystemFuel Tax System

A powerful software for your IFTA reports

Software to make your life easier

With Fuel Tax System, you get a reliable, efficient and easy-to-use solution for producing your IFTA reports.

From the purchase of fuel to the mileage traveled, and toll stations, Fuel Tax System software records and saves all your data.

Web-based application, software updates and quarterly IFTA rates are automatic. Whether at home, at the office or on the road, you’ll always have access to your data and reports.

Your fuel tax reports will never have been so easy and quick to produce!

Fuel Tax System Software
Fuel Tax System - Data import

Importing data

Data entry is done either manually or by importing it. Importing allows you to enter and save a large amount of data quickly and efficiently. With this feature, Fuel Tax System saves you hours of work. Hours you can spend on other important tasks in your business.

Fuel Tax System - Data validation

Data validation

Under the “Verification” tab, you are able to validate the data of your trips. If an odometer error occurs, Fuel Tax System warns you. You can then correct the odometer discrepancies and ensure that the data included in your IFTA and distance reports will be precise and accurate.

Fuel Tax System - Compliant IFTA reports

Producing compliant reports

Fuel Tax System offers a complete IFTA reporting software compliant with the regulations in force. Whether it’s the rules of the IFTA agreement or those of the various levels of Canadian and American governments, our solution has been designed and developed to meet all the latest details involved with IFTA fuel tax.

Fuel Tax System is a solution that saves you time and money.

Concentrate your efforts on what matters most, ask for your free evaluation!


Distance reports

In addition to accurate and easy-to-produce IFTA reports, Fuel Tax System allows you to easily produce and transmit all your distance reports. If your trucks travel the roads of New York State, Oregon, Kentucky or New Mexico? You will undoubtedly need to produce the following reports:

IRP renewal

Each year, you must submit a report of the distances traveled for the renewal of your IRP. Using our software to produce your IFTA reports, with a few clicks all the data you need for your IRP renewal is available.

You no longer have to keep all this data in a separate file. Fuel Tax System compiles your data into a report that you can easily use.

Carbon tax

April 1, 2019, marks the coming into force of the new federal carbon tax in Canada. All transport companies that travel in the following provinces: Ontario, Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta are required to file a fuel charge return and forward it to the Canada Revenue Agency. Fuel Tax System offers a suitable and compliant solution for the production of this new report.

Tired of all that paperwork?

Get your turnkey IFTA reports with the remarkable work of our specialists. Every quarter, we produce your IFTA reports, your distance reports and your fuel charge report (carbon tax) with great care. No more worries! Your reports are compliant and always forwarded on time to your local office.


Our IFTA reporting software is easy to use and powerful.

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