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Simplified fuel tax

Fuel Tax System is an essential software for managing your fuel tax returns and producing your IFTA reports. Developed by a team of specialists in the transport industry, it complies with government standards and complies with all IFTA rules.

Simple to use, proven and cutting-edge software, Fuel Tax System allows you to manage and produce your IFTA reports easily. In no time at all, you enter all the data you need to produce your fuel tax reports and your distance reports.

Fuel Tax System facilitates your IFTA reporting

Developed to facilitate the production of your IFTA reports and distance reports, Fuel Tax System allows you to import your electronic toll and fuel bills including yard fuel reservoirs. Importing of GPS data is also supported.

Fuel Tax System adapts to the reality of every transport company. Discover the different solutions offered by Fuel Tax System.

About IFTA

IFTA, International Fuel Tax Agreement, is a reciprocal agreement between 48 US states and 10 Canadian provinces that facilitate the reporting of fuel taxes by transport companies. It should be noted that Alaska, Hawaii and Canadian territories are not part of this agreement.

The main objective of the IFTA agreement is to simplify the procedure and reduce the paper burden inherent in fuel tax returns. IFTA registered vehicles have access to all IFTA member territories without a specific permit.

Every quarter, transport companies produces a single IFTA report and returns it to its base jurisdiction. The responsibility for transferring payments to other jurisdiction rests with your base jurisdiction.

About IRP

IRP, International Registration Plan, is a cooperative agreement for the registration of vehicles that travel within two or more member territories. Similar to the IFTA agreement, the IRP agreement applies to vehicle license plates.

Fuel Tax System allows carriers to determine the amount payable for their proportional registration, depending on the actual mileage or mileage you plan to travel with your vehicles in an administration. This system of proportional licensing is based on the number of kilometers traveled in jurisdictions. The IRP registration certificate is recognized by Canadian provinces and US states.

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